Are You Coming?

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For everyone with a vagina, here's your ultimate guide to achieving orgasmon your own or with a partner

Real talk: Whens the last time you had an orgasm? If youre in the vagina owners club, you may well answer: way too damn long! Studies show that only 65 percent of straight women climax during sex (versus 95 percent of men). And regardless of orientation, the unfortunate truth is: For those of us with vaginas, climaxing isnt guaranteed. No more! Are You Coming? invites everyone with a vagina to take their sex life to the next level. . . .

Come alone. For vagina owners, self-knowledge is the path to pleasure (yet, weve faced eons of misinformation). Are You Coming? explains all: anatomy, toys to try, and what works for dozens of real peopleno two alike.

Come together! Seeking better sex with a partner? Read on for the thirteen types of orgasm, how to talk about sex (before and after), why foreplay is tragically misnamed, sex positions for every want and needand more!Complete with quickie tips, line drawings, and fun celebrity quotes, this is the orgasm-seekers guide to Oh!