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Autism & The Re:Spectrum of Human Emotions (Zine)

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Zine / pamphlet. Published by Microcosm! Autism & The Re:Spectrum of Human Emotions/Perfect Mix Tape Segue #6: Autism & Intellectually Understanding Empathy Recommended for anyone who is or knows someone on the autism spectrum (or suspects they might!), this zine looks at the socializing disabilities of living on the spectrum. It doubles as a split zine with the sixth volume of Joe Biel's personal zine, where he writes about the biggest revelation to come in the six years since volume 5: being diagnosed with Asperger's, an autism spectrum disorder. This diagnosis gave him a roadmap to create a better future and put a lot of things about his past in perspective, and he writes about it all here: Relationships, recursion, maladaptation, abuse, accountability, restorative justice, empathy, where we come from, and how we help each other and the next generation do it better. Thickness: 0.2."