GLYDE Vegan Condoms

GLYDE SLIMFIT Vegan Condoms (Snugger-fit 49mm) 12-Count

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Wearing the correct condom size is the key to reliable performance and pleasure - for both partners. Tailored for comfort, SLIMFIT provides a snugger, tighter fit at 49mm. Provides a tighter, snugger fit Free of risky chemicals, casein, talc, parabens and spermicides Lightly lubricated with an extra sheer and silky texture Low odor latex - no unpleasant odor or taste Electronically tested - exceeds global requirements reliable strength Certified Ethical & Vegan by the Vegan Society Non-GMO fair trade natural rubber FDA and CE approved Dimensions: Width 1.92"/49mm, Length 6.69"/170mm Approximately 35% of men need a smaller, tighter condom and GLYDE SLIMFIT provides snug-fitting reliability and comfort. With our proprietary plant-based formula of natural rubber latex and thistle extract, and our ‘double dipping’ technology for sheer and sturdy protection both partners will enjoy.