Head Witch Ritual Spray

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These sprays were formulated with magical intention. Use them to mist your body and surroundings to clear your energy, before or after ritual or prayer, or any time you need a magical pick-me-up. Sprays are a great alternative to smoke cleansing tools like over-harvested white sage and palo santo. 

Use to stand in your power, take up more space in the world, and lean into the magical creature that you are! Earthy and ancient scent notes of tobacco, fir balsam, treemoss, beeswax, and black sage surround you. Angelica and magenta cholla flower essence infuse this spray, offering an anchor between your soul and the physical world. 

Head Witch is here to remind you that you are rooted and connected above and below. Magic runs through you - you embody abundance and inner connectedness. Stand in your power through the discomfort, guided from within, knowing exactly who you are and what gifts you’re here to share. You are ready for cosmic transformation, backed by your ancestors. 

A blend of tobacco, fir balsam, treemoss, beeswax, black sage, angelica and magenta cholla flower essence.

Ingredients: Spring water, hydrosol, essential oil, and essences