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Mjuk Serum

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Mjuk works smart, not harsh. Its patented vitamin A formulation (with retinal) makes this serum the least irritating and yet most effective vitamin A serum available without a prescription. Balanced with Red Algae, Cranberry, Honeysuckle flower extracts, Sea Buckthorn, Starflower, and Chamomile essential oils, Mjuk serum combines anti-aging, skin-renewal, and smoothing with mild hydration. 

Weight: 30 ml | 1 fl oz.

Performance actives:

Sea Buckthorn: powerful phytonutrients; anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effects

Retinal: least irritating Vitamin A; anti-aging, decreases wrinkles, brightens and provides free-radical protection

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): smooths fine lines; improves skin tone and brightens

Cranberry: high in antioxidants; free radical protection; brightens

Red Algae: rich source of natural polysaccharides; replenishes cellular moisture

Carnitine: increases natural skin turnover and hydration by transporting fatty acids into the cells for energy production

Phenylethyl Resorcinol: anti-oxidant with skin brightening properties

Bisabolol (L-alpha): component of Chamomile Essential Oils; reduces sensitivities and soothes the skin

Because this product contains Retinaldehyde, it may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. Always use a sunscreen when exposed to the sun.