Postpartum Luxe Belly Wrap

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Belly Bandit® is the premiere FDA Registered Medical Device brand in Maternity Support Products and Postpartum Belly Wraps and Corsets. The International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics has found that abdominal binders can be an effective, simple, non‐pharmacological option of relieving pain and distress after a Cesarean delivery. Luxe Belly Wrap is 11" inches in the front, 12" in the back, features Ultra-thin SecureStretch® performance fabric, and is the most universal fit for Belly Bandit belly wraps. This product offers the most targeted compression and support within the line, a patented corset-inspired design, and full coverage while also invisible under clothing. Luxe Belly Wrap has the most breathable of technical fabrics—ideal for exercise and active days and Stayput® technology which minimizes rolling for ultimate comfort. The arched back minimizes back bulge and it's patented design features 5 levels of targeted compression and body contouring panels for core and back support. Dual closures, made of bonded microfiber, this garment is easily secured with maximum adjustability. Best for: discreet fit, maximum coverage, compression and support.