Starstuff Ritual Spray for Space, Body and Energetic Field

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These sprays were formulated with magical intention. Use them to mist your body and surroundings to clear your energy, before or after ritual or prayer, or any time you need a magical pick-me-up. Sprays are a great alternative to smoke cleansing tools like over-harvested white sage and palo santo. Use to dream your dream in the world, open up psychic channels, and lean into the magical creature that you are! Uplifting and dreamy scent notes of cistus, juniper, mugwort, clary sage, devana, linden, red mandrain, and palmarosa surround you. Pink primrose flower essence infuses this spray, offering a deep sense of self acceptance. Starstuff is here to remind you that you are a visionary. Let yourself dream big! Pulling from collective dreams, past lives, and pure ecstacy you are are a star being of the universe. You deserve to be here, don’t hide your true nature. You have the vision and magnitude to shine bright and dream you dream in the world!