May 29, 2023

Bacterial Vaginosis: What it is and How to prevent it

By Sales Team
Bacterial Vaginosis: What it is and How to prevent it

Coming down with that itchy vaginal discomfort? Yeast infection OTC's not working? You might have bacterial vaginosis, a bacterial overgrowth in the vagina that can cause uncomfortable pelvic symptoms and longer-term negative health effects. 

First, don't panic. Our bodies are wise, and very often exhibit symptoms as a way of communicating with us about imbalances coming up. If you're noticing vaginal itching, burning during urination, a fishy smelling odor, or gray/green discharge, testing for bacterial vaginosis could be the next step to take.

Testing is done through a simple swab test, and can be done at a local Planned Parenthood or family planning clinic. 

Causes of BV can include having a new partner, PH imbalance, and using products that may irritate the vagina or disrupt its natural flora. Identifying BV sooner than later is important, as chronic BV can cause pelvic inflammatory disease and make you more susceptible to STIs. Bacterial Vaginosis is however, not an STI.

Preventing bacterial vaginosis can look like using condoms with new partners and being gentle with your vaginal care routine. If you find yourself having symptoms, talk to your doctor first. At Vespertine, we carry a vaginal homeopathic suppository, made by the world-renowned company GoodCleanLove.

Overall, staying on top of your vaginal health is important, and bacterial vaginosis can be very sneaky. At Vespertine, we can help connect you with trusted healthcare professionals and find a routine of self-care that works for you.