Vespertine Boutique exists to support people with vulvas as they age. Our mission to support the physical and mental sexual health of women and non-binary people who share the same physicality has led us to noteworthy affiliates and resources. Learn more from our wellness community here.

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Sex Education

So I Married a Sexologist podcast 

Sexual Health Swell by Dame - explore the ins and outs of sexual health
Sex Coaching
Do Your Sex Life A Favor
Ovira - Period Pain relief
Reproductive Health LOOM
Pelvic Floor

Samantha Bair-Jones, PT, DPT

Helen Dailey-Fallat, PT, DPT

Caitlin Daly, PT, DPT

Shauna Keeley, PT, DPT

Amanda Olson PT, DPT, PRPC

Physical Therapy

Discovery Physical and Occupational Therapy:

Erica Nixon Mack, PT, PRPC

Amy Irene Lynch, PT

Symbolyn Sebastian, PTA, LMP

Kara Knox, DPT

LGBQT+ Community Resources Olympic Pride
Entertainment Quinn


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