Vespertine Boutique exists to support our bodies as they age.  We prioritize the needs of women but include products to support all people and bodies as they navigate physical and mental health challenges throughout life. Learn more from our wellness community here.

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Wellness Category


Sex Education

So I Married a Sexologist podcast 

Sexual Health

Swell by Dame - explore the ins and outs of sexual health

Prosper Natural Health

Gara Griswald

Sex Coaching
Do Your Sex Life A Favor
Ovira - Period Pain relief
Reproductive Health


Jefferson Healthcare Women’s Clinic

Pelvic Floor

Samantha Bair-Jones, PT, DPT

Helen Dailey-Fallat, PT, DPT

Caitlin Daly, PT, DPT

Shauna Keeley, PT, DPT

Amanda Olson PT, DPT, PRPC

Physical Therapy

Discovery Physical and Occupational Therapy:

Erica Nixon Mack, PT, PRPC

Amy Irene Lynch, PT

Symbolyn Sebastian, PTA, LMP

Kara Knox, DPT

LGBQT+ Community Resources

Olympic Pride

It Gets Better



Sensual Self Podcast

Erin Lindsey Astrology

Self Care Melodee Hansen: Sugaring


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