• Intimate assistive tech for people with disabilities

    Intimate assistive tech for people with disabilities
    At Vespertine, we believe that everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, or disability, has a right to a fulfilling intimate life and we resolve to provide access to the products and education to help people achieve just that. However, we think that there is a void in this industry and what is missing from the conversation so often, are disabled people.
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  • Intimate Healthcare in the New Year

    Intimate Healthcare in the New Year

    Self-care is more than just bubble baths and getting enough sleep. Here at Vespertine, we’re ready for a new take on this trend — one that prioritizes your intimate health as well.

    “Sexual health is something that is often not spoken about enough even though it plays a large part in our daily lives. It also has a strong impact on both our physiological and emotional health. I believe it’s time to shine a spotlight on the integral role it plays in our overall health, wellness, and happiness while working towards improving this aspect of our lives,” says Dr. Asif Luqman, MD, OB/GYN at Jefferson Healthcare Clinic.

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  • Self-Love Anthems Spotify Playlist

    Self-Love Anthems Spotify Playlist
    The holidays can be busy and stressful so we made a playlist that we hope serves as a reminder to carve out some time to give back to yourself. Taking care of yourself first is the best gift you can give to others. You can listen to it HERE.
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