Meet the Vesperteam!

Jaime Jaynes (she/her)

For the past 25 years, a Port Townsend native, Jaime has cultivated a vibrant sales and marketing career working for Global Brands such as Balenciaga and Nike.  Her journey began as an art student at the School at the Art Institute of Chicago who loved fashion and retail, working up to three jobs at a time to learn directly from creative business pioneers. 

Owning her own business has been a lifelong dream but she was waiting for the right idea and opportunity to present itself.  Vespertine began as a conversation at the kitchen table and developed into a dynamic purpose-driven company dedicated to normalizing sexual topics and practices. Jaime had been researching ways to improve her own physical health as a middle-aged mother of two young sons, and once she discovered the benefits from various products and practices, she felt a responsibility to share that knowledge and create access for others living in rural communities. 

Jaime believes the spectrum of sexual education and physical healthcare should be a human right, without apology or shame. She loves learning from the professional experts in our network and listening to suggestions from our customers to make Vespertine a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Jaime's leadership philosophy is to lead her team in the way she wants to be led and work as someone she would hire. She is inspired by the unique talents and experience each Vespertine team member brings to work each day.  Together we are learning and shaping what Vespertine means for our community and I couldn't be more proud to lead such a dynamic and caring team. 

Oceanna Van Lelyveld (she/her)
Healthcare and Sex Education Director

Oceanna has had an extensive career in event coordination, mixology, entertainment booking, and restaurant management. Anyone who knows Oceanna well, knows her lens for life is through the pursuit of pleasure and she is not shy about it! She believes the owner of a human body is awarded pleasure as a birthright and the expression of this is the very essence of human interaction. Oceanna is fascinated with and dedicated to the courageous inquiry that healthy sexuality can fuel and facilitate healing for all.

This value system has been the major driver in her attending numerous and diverse learning experiences in the realm of healthy sexual expression. These include tantric practice, authentic relating, masculine and feminine empowerment, radical honesty and communication, energetic sex, erotic writing and many many more!  Oceanna’s curious and playful mind, love of writing and fierce compassion for the  human condition is what ultimately magnetized her life to Vespertine Boutique and her current path of becoming a Sex and Intimacy Coach through the Somatica Institute.  

Alana McCleese (she/her)
Digital Merchandising and Buying Specialist 

Alana currently attends Western Washington University and is working on her BA in Marketing and a BS in Psychology. As Vespertine's digital merchandising and buying specialist, Alana takes pride in a beautiful, smooth customer buying experience both in-store and online.

She is so excited that Vespertine is here, providing an open and comfortable place to go for sex education, pleasure, and therapy items. She strongly believes and supports Vespertine's mission to encourage self-discovery, sexuality, and intimacy - it is a long needed addition to Port Townsend!

Danielle Ferguson (she/her)
Brand and Content Manager

Danielle comes to Vespertine with a background in Brand & Content Marketing as well as business development. Since being introduced to our innovative concept, Danielle has been passionate about our mission: to offer the best products and resources that support safe, pleasurable, healthy experiences for all stages of life.

Growing up in a sex-positive home in Port Townsend where anatomy, sex, and pleasure were easily and openly addressed, her move to Vespertine has felt organic and natural. Danielle finds it refreshing to be part of a culture where bodies of all sizes, shapes, colors, ages, and genders are not only valued, but celebrated. She is mom to two kids and is working with her partner to bring things full circle by raising healthy, happy, body and sex positive humans who approach their friends and others with respect and equanimity. 

Mia Steiner (she/they)
Inventory Processing / Sales Associate 

Mia has spent the past four years as a baker in Bellingham and is excited to be making the transition into exploring the world of sexual wellness. They enjoy open dialogue about pleasure, gender and sexuality. As someone who once had to leave the room whenever people kissed on TV, Mia has fallen in love with the freedom that comes from discussing sexual health, and wants to get rid of the air of awkwardness that sometimes comes with the subject.

Mia moved back home to Port Townsend during the pandemic with her girlfriend and their cat Onion, to be closer to family. Mia enjoys working their way through Vespertine’s library and is the pioneer of our Vespertine Book Club (coming soon!). When they're not at work they enjoy crafts, baking and long walks on the beach…

Shasta Berg (she/her)
Sales Associate

Shasta is a mom of five kids and wife of one really good guy. She’s intense, a good dose of naughty and passionate about so many things including the normalization of human sexuality during all the phases of life, supporting all people in their quest for health and happiness, and advocating for queer youth. She has a background in education which includes time as an elementary school teacher, community college instructor, birth doula, childbirth educator and lactation counselor.

While at Vespertine, nothing makes her happier than customer questions (nothing is too “weird” to ask), discussing sexuality in all its beautiful expressions, and providing people with support and guidance in finding just the right product for them. 

May Weinmaster (they/them)
Sales Associate

May is so excited to join the wonderful team at Vespertine! They are stoked about all things sexual wellness and excited for being apart of the PT community in this new way. In college, May studied public health through the lenses of gender and sexuality. They hope to continue their education and eventually have a somatic counseling practice.

Outside their time at Vespertine, May instructs yoga classes, works as a server/bartender, and is an emerging birthworker. For fun, May enjoys being outside, gardening, dancing, and reading.

Patricia Dusel (she/her)
Sales Associate

Patricia was born in the U.K.and came to the U.S.for a year and decided to stay,first in Texas, then California, Tennessee and finally the P.N.W. She worked as an RN in many different areas including chemical dependency and Psychology. She came to realize after hearing the stories from so many people of all sexual identies that there is a need for more sexual understnding and healing. When Patricia discovered Vespertine, she was delighted to see that all needs can be addressed. She is particularly aware of the difficulties older people face regarding their changing bodies and that their needs can also be comfortably addressed.