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Silicone Based Lubricants

Hypoallergenic and long lasting, safe to use with condoms. Not for use with silicone toys.

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Hybrid Lubricants

The benefits of silicone lube with the bonus of being toy and condom safe. 

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Flavored Lubricants

Looking for flavored fun? Experience premium lubes, paraben and glycerin free.

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Lubricants / Hybrid

Lubricants are  perfect for increasing pleasure and decreasing friction. Here at Vespertine, we only offer body safe lubes that are paraben and glycerin free. Different lubes have different benefits so make sure you’re choosing the best lube for you! 

  • Water Based Lubes: Lightweight, compatible with all toy materials and safe to use with condoms. 
  • Silicone Based Lubes: Hypoallergenic and long lasting, should not be used with silicone toys but are safe to use with condoms. 
  • Hybrid Lubes: Offer the benefits of silicone lube with the added bonus of being toy and condom  safe. 
  • Oil Based Lubes: Offer long lasting moisture but are not condom compatible.

Check out our flavored lubes for a little extra fun!

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