May 29, 2023

Brands We Love: Dame

By Jaime Jaynes
Dame Kip

Want to be part of the Sexual Wellness Revolution? One of our favorite and most popular brands, Dame, is leading the way. How are they doing it? By staying “committed to changing the way sexual wellness and pleasure is understood and experienced in the world.” Founded by a sexologist and MIT engineer duo, Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman, Dame is focused on people-centered research to develop products that are designed with you in mind. 


With their in-house research lab, aptly named Dame Labs, they “strive to provide the community with educational initiatives touching all things sex and pleasure.” And they want to hear from you! You're invited to participate in the development and design of new products by testing prototypes and in exchange enjoy exclusive discounts and offers. Become a part of their pleasure seeking community by registering on their website, join in on workshops, panels, and more.  

So, how is Dame revolutionizing the sexual wellness industry? By working to put an end to ‘the pleasure gap.’ Dame Labs reported that 91% of men ‘usually’ or always orgasm during sex, compared to only 39% of women. With their research and development, Dame strives to eliminate this disparity. Dame’s large variety of doctor-approved designs made with body-safe materials will help you and your partner(s) achieve your pleasure goals. More orgasms please! 

Not sure which Dame vibe is best for you? Here are just a few of our faves. 

First, meet Fin, “an intuitive finger vibe designed to enhance your touch.”  Literally, pleasure right at your fingertips. Fin is a hands-on, wearable, versatile vibrator that fits between your fingers, becoming an extension of your hand. Use the detachable tether or go without. The flexible body features multiple patterns and vibration intensities. You can pinpoint stimulation with one side, and offer softer touch with the squishy side. Be limitless with your experience by changing the position on your fingers. Fin is waterproof and USB rechargeable. 

Next up is Pom, “a flexible, low profile vibe that puts play in the palm of your hand” and “snuggles close to your vulva.” Offering broad or targeted stimulation, Pom’s powerful motor has five intensities and five vibration patterns. This vibe is soft and pliable, making it engineered to conform to your hip movements without losing intensity. The ergonomic design of this petite but powerful vibrator fits comfortably in your hand and has intuitive controls. Pom is waterproof, USB rechargeable and travels well. 

Lastly, let us introduce you to Aer, which isn’t a vibrator at all. Aer’s “pressure wave technology creates rhythmic pulses of air that'll give even the savviest vibe users a unique thrill.” This clever suction toy “mimics the flutter of a tongue and the suction of a mouth” and creates a gentle seal around the clitoris. Featuring five intensity levels and five pattern modes, achieve orgasm easily with Aer. Like other Dame devices, Aer is made with medical grade silicone and is waterproof and USB rechargeable. 

Check out Dame’s range of toys which pair perfectly with their line of non-vibrator pleasure products like massage oil and organic aloe lube in our pleasure section. Happy vibing!