September 28, 2021

Hello & Welcome to the Vespertine Community!

By Jaime Jaynes
Hello & Welcome to the Vespertine Community!


These first few weeks since opening have been the most exciting and gratifying experience. The Vesperteam (as we lovingly call ourselves) has had a wonderful time getting to know you all.  Thank you so much for coming in, introducing yourselves and sharing your stories, hopes and well wishes with us. 

This venture has certainly been a fulfilling one so far. The amount of support, gratitude and excitement from the community has ignited our passion and motivation for this project (and its future endeavors) even more. 

Now that the shop and website are up and running, we are looking forward to expanding into our next platform for sexual health. We will soon be announcing Vespertine’s first upcoming presenters for the Fall/Winter (Covid-willing). In these forums we will explore topics such as sexual health and pleasure at all stages of life, pelvic floor health, relationship to your body, gender identity conversations and more. We also have some amazing authors and book signings coming your way. 

We would love to hear from you!

Your ideas and desires are incredibly important to us. As we grow this conscious community, normalizing the conversation around sexual health and pleasure is our mission. In order to take in your feedback we've created this short survey and would be very honored if you would take a moment to fill it out. 

Also, if you have more specific requests or referrals of classes you’d love to attend, please email Oceanna Van Lelyveld, our Director of Healthcare Resources and Sex Education at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Stay tuned for exciting things to come