February 11, 2024

Introducing New Wellness Network Partner - The Nest!

By Alana McCleese
Introducing New Wellness Network Partner - The Nest!

Vespertine is happy to announce that The Nest is now a part of our Wellness Network! 

The Nest is one of three staple programs of the local non-profit supporting youth and young adults, OWL360. The Nest is the the only non-profit coffee house in town, marking the beginning of the community coffeehouse which welcomes all ages and offers programs and events for youth and young adults.

Located in uptown Port Townsend, The Nest provides resources, connection, and supportive services to engage young people in real-world-readiness skills so they can authentically achieve sustainable independence. It also offers locally roasted, organic, fair trade coffee, Lotus energy drinks, a variety of teas, food options, and a welcoming place with comfortable seating to relax and connect.

The Nest also provides art, entertainment, gaming, and music weaving in certified peer allies, a substance use peer specialist, resource navigator, and a mental health provider. Whether it's participation on the Youth and Young Adult Advisory Council (YYAAC), taking a ukulele lesson or financial literacy workshop, learning about consent, attending an 18+ event, getting help with a resume, college applications or just hanging out, The Nest successfully impacts the lives of countless local young people fostering a positive environment for growth, learning, and exploration. 

Indulgence After Dark - February 16th from 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Vespertine is also supporting the "Indulgence After Dark" 18+ Valentine's Day Young Adult event at The Nest on February 16th. The event is located at 1119 Lawrence Street in Uptown. The event will take place from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Here's what you can expect:

❤️ Love beats from the passion playlist (you can add your favorite songs!)
❤️ Sweet treats to indulge your taste buds
❤️ Mocktails for a fun and refreshing drink option
❤️ Adult party games for those feeling playful
❤️ An "anything goes" Sacred and Profane open mic hosted by Ezra
❤️ Giveaways and resources provided by partnering organizations Vespertine and Moonlit Path

This festive kickoff marks the beginning of The Nest's 18+ series of events and promises to delight the senses. It's an evening designed for young adults to celebrate Valentine's Day in a fun and indulgent atmosphere.

We hope to see you there!
The Vesperteam