May 30, 2022

Sexual Wellness & Aging

By Danielle Ferguson
Sexual Wellness & Aging


We at Vespertine value all of our customers, including those who are 50 or older. Not only do we acknowledge a significant gap in sex-education for adults, but we also see a need for more product innovation that supports our bodies through the different stages of aging.

The sexual health industry is slowly maturing, and companies are finally paying attention to the wisdom and self-awareness of older adults. At Vespertine, we’ve noticed that all of our customers benefit from hearing these stories.

Doula, educator and author Erica Chidi, founder of the health education platform Loom, points out that “...sexual and reproductive health is this great equalizer… Everyone is operating from a knowledge deficit in this space.”  While some conditions are more likely to occur at a later stage of life, older adults are not the only ones who experience challenges like painful sex, vaginal dryness, atrophy, lack of labido, and problems with achieving pleasure. At Vespertine, we believe all people benefit from education about these kinds of experiences.  

The Netflix comedy Grace & Frankie, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, offers a great example of sexual empowerment in older adults. The show follows two septuagenarians who unexpectedly become single, and proves that the older female population is still a viable market that has a right to intimacy and representation. It is unusual for pop-culture to acknowledge sexuality later in life, but this signals a sea-change happening in our society. It also highlights a real need for more inclusive product development for a broader spectrum of needs.

At Vespertine we carefully select products designed to tackle issues that are more likely to occur at a later stage of life, but know that the benefits can be enjoyed by many people. For example, menopausal and postmenopausal women may be facing an increasing number of barriers to intimacy, including dryness. AH! YES Water Based Lube has the power to change your world from the inside, with a thoroughly researched, responsibly formulated product using natural and certified organic ingredients. AH!YES also makes a personal moisturizer that can last for up to three days, which is much longer than most intimate lubricants. Another product we carry is the Dame Pillo which was designed to support pelvic back pain but is quite popular due to its versatility in the bedroom. 

Joan Price, author of Naked at our Age, recently asked her newsletter subscribers how they felt about sex with age.  One commentor posted:  “We have a whole new attitude towards sex, accepting that whatever provides immediate pleasure also benefits our long-term health and relationship. We are more respectful of each other and display a high level of intimacy outside the bedroom as well as in. We are more comfortable with openly discussing sex than we ever were.”  At Vespertine we love hearing these stories, because they demonstrate a healthier attitude towards sex and relationships. We reject any narrative that aims to “recapture lost youth.”  Instead we focus on solving universal problems for all adults.  Loving ourselves and accepting who we are at any age is the example we want to set for younger customers. 

The most important product you’ll find at Vespertine Boutique is TRUST.  We work hard to create a safe space for our customers, where they can ask questions about personal challenges, product functionality, and therapy recommendations from our professional healthcare network. If you’re interested in learning more, we offer an array of services meant to aid in the health and wellness of our clientele including confidential and personal 1:1 shopping by appointment, easy online ordering, in-store pick-ups, as well as discreet shipping.