June 30, 2021

Welcome to a Holistic Sexual Health Boutique

By Jaime Jaynes
Welcome to a Holistic Sexual Health Boutique

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our flagship location in downtown Port Townsend, on July 10, 2021.

Vespertine Boutique, is an age-positive, feminine wellness boutique. We support the physical and mental wellness of our customer base through a rich product offering, as well as workshops and events, to invite self-exploration and discovery.

Jaime Jaynes, owner and proprietor, saw a clear gap in the market, and felt a responsibility to share her knowledge, experience, and provide customers sexual wellness information, resources, and products to meet their needs. Vespertine Boutique will deliver on its mission to support women and non-binary-owned businesses, products designed and innovated by people with feminine anatomy, and to reinvest in the community through outreach. 

Vespertine opens on Saturday, July 10th at 11 am. Located at 914 Water Avenue.