March 01, 2023

Pelvic Pain Podcast: Understand the Causes and How to Get Help

By Alana McCleese
Pelvic Pain Podcast: Understand the Causes and How to Get Help

Vespertine invites you to listen to this podcast by Caitlin Daly, a local pelvic floor therapist and trusted member of our wellness network.

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Pain resulting in the inability to engage sexual activity is not normal. Symptoms of external and/or internal pelvic pain can arise for a variety of reasons such as trauma (for example injury, surgery, childbirth), cancer and cancer treatments, pelvic floor dysfunction, and other illnesses/conditions like endometriosis. A pelvic floor physical therapist can help evaluate and identify both anatomical/structural and behavioral factors that may impact pelvic pain. Treatment can include manual therapy to treat scars or restricted/tight tissues, pelvic floor muscle training (often with emphasis on relaxation over strength), and recommendations on lubricants and other tools to decrease pain. Many patients also find that treating the mind as well as the body can aid in reducing pain and improving the ability to experience pleasure with intercourse. Pelvic floor physical therapy attempts to take on a holistic approach in conjunction with other healthcare providers to help individuals engage in safe and enjoyable sex.