May 15, 2024

Spotlight on The Boathouse Mercantile

By Sales Team
Spotlight on The Boathouse Mercantile

Not too far from here is the Archipelago known as the San Juan Islands. On the main Island, San Juan, is located the Boathouse Mercantile, home to a collection of fragrances which capture the essence of the islands and the Pacific Northwest region. 

Made in the studio by Winnie, the fragrances are a passion project of hers. “I always want to provoke a feeling of freedom from time, anxiety, ambition – and shifting ideas about how things should be. Scent stimulates a vague memory or far-off idea – relics of experience. I create fragrances to capture it.” 

If you are looking to smell fresh this Spring, checkout the Eau De Toilette fragrance series by Boathouse carried in store at Vespertine Boutique. 

Featured Scents for Summer- 

WILD ALOOF REBEL - A quietly alluring musk/amber scent, rich in gentleness and mystery. WAR mixes the smoke in black Agarwood with pine, labdanum, and a sweet bit of vanilla. Its benzoin friends mingle in sparkly tops. Mystery + warmth inform the notes. This is a great fragrance all year round for any weather. 

SAN JUAN SUMMER - As fresh as we could possibly muster & cram into a bottle! Plus citrus notes to add to your bonanza of summer memories. Together with pine and sun, San Juan Summer offers a blast of sand, wind, and salt-air. It is rich in memories of the quiet yet groovy allure of sparkly Salish Sea whitecaps. This is the perfect scent for the Spring/Summer season, breathing in the sun and air of the PNW. 

SAN JUAN SUNSET - Embodies the dusk-fueled scent of wind and cedar, sweetness and wood, with heavy doses of vanilla and spice to remind you of our beautiful Westside & all of the San Juan Islands. For any time of year, appreciating the climate of our home. 

I AWOKE ONE DAY AS IF CHANGED- An everyday scent that will actually make you a better person! For smelling your best even when the world is tricky. Brilliantly balanced with notes of Bergamot and Vanilla, with a Northwest woods blend and a hefty dose of “sparkle”. This scent will uplift you. Good to wear all-year-round. 

On the subject of her art, Winnie says, “All that I make embodies my journey towards freedom. The work expresses that which cannot be “said” with words – scent and abstraction are my bridges to others, and to life lived a moment at a time.” 

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