August 08, 2022

Traveling With Toys

By Danielle Ferguson
Traveling With Toys

If you’re lucky enough to have travel plans this year, you might be trying to figure out the logistics of taking intimate toy(s) along on the trip. We have all heard at least one horror story of airport security agents pulling a pleasure accessory out during a random search and waving it around in front of a crowd of people. There are many ways to avoid those awkward encounters but also, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. A healthy intimate life is something to celebrate! To help you plan ahead, here are some things you should think about when planning to travel with toys.

You don’t want your toys to be collecting dust and crumbs at the bottom of your bag – keeping items clean and protected is key. Keep your toys wrapped up in a cloth or bandana, or even a draw-string bag. We always recommend bringing a cleanser along as well, like Hand & Vibe Cleaner by Dame. If you opt for a cleanser that is more than 3.4 ounces, remember to put that in your checked luggage and put it in a ziploc bag to be safe. Similarly, if you are planning on bringing lube, make sure it’s under 3.4 ounces and secure it in a leak-proof container.

If flights are in the travel plans you will need to decide whether it’s best to pack your toy(s) in checked luggage or in your carry-on. Keep in mind that if a security official thinks you could use a toy as a weapon, then they won’t let you take it onboard in a carry-on bag. Unfortunately, there are no specific guidelines for this and much of it comes down to the perception and discretion of individual TSA agents. Many would advise erring on the side of caution and checking any toys that you worry could be viewed as a potential weapon. You can also look into shipping them ahead of your travels so they are waiting upon your arrival.

If you aren’t able to check a bag, packing a small, discreet toy is recommended.Small toys like the Dame Zee and the Crave Bullet are compact and easy to slip into a purse. You can even try the Tenga Iroha Stick, which is made to look like lipstick. Making sure that the batteries are removed will prevent the toy from turning on unexpectedly, making noise and drawing unwanted attention. Most batteries are permitted for air travel, but some airlines have restrictions on alkaline batteries (including AAA and AA, the most popular batteries in toys).

If you are planning to travel outside the country, always check local laws before you leave. There are certain countries that have bans on toys and possession of one is seen as a criminal act. From the Maldives and Thailand to Saudi Arabia and India, tourists risk arrest by traveling with a toy.

Remember, a healthy intimate life is something to be proud of, and anyone traveling with toys should be prepared to answer questions. No matter where your adventures take you, our team here at Vespertine Boutique wishes you happy, safe travels!