February 29, 2024

The Perfect Pairing - Product Combos for Couples

By Sales Team
The Perfect Pairing - Product Combos for Couples

Our Vesperteam is committed to providing guidance to our customers. This blog post features a few product combos in which we recommend couples purchase in tandem. 

The Iroha Minamo and the Hot Octopuss stroker are two of our bestsellers, and these two actually make a perfect pair, particularly for couples who may be experiencing changes as their bodies age.   
The Hot Octopuss Pulse “guybrator” can be used when flaccid or erect to produce incredibly strong pulsating vibrations - a wonderful alternative to penetrative sex, whether alone or with a partner. 
The Iroha Minamo is perhaps the friendliest vibrator for delicate tissues. It is designed with extra cushions at the tip to protect delicate internal tissues and has a slender, tapered figure for easy, un-intrusive insertion. With buzzing vibrations, and whisper quiet operation, it’s discreet - it charges inside its case for added privacy while on your nightstand!  It’s completely waterproof, so feel free to take it in the bath or to your hot tub. Overall this is a perfect pairing!

2. Dame Pom x Verge by WeVibe

Up your game with this delightful combination: The Dame Pom and the Verge by WeVibe is a wonderful pairing for dual stimulation.
The Pom contains no metal, either internally or externally, making it comfortable to lean against, grind against or wear inside undergarments.  Its flat shape makes it perfect to sandwich in between bodies, too.  It mostly holds itself in place and provides a deep, satisfying rumble vibration.
The Verge is designed to encompass both the penis and testicles. One portion of the device vibrates to stimulate the perineum, introducing the opportunity for indirect prostate stimulation making for a more intense orgasm without penetration. Additionally, the verge provides heightened stimulation for the testicles, which is conductive of blood flow granting you a firmer, longer lasting erection. 
Additionally, the Verge may provide vibrations for a partner grinding up against you, especially paired with the Dame Pom. For example, bent over a sofa arm, with the Pom in front, comfortably stimulating the clitoris, vibrating testicles connect with sensitive areas of the butt-cheeks creating a whole new and exciting combination of sensations.  

3. Strap-on-me Vibe x Dame Aer 

This pairing is for AFAB couples who are looking to upgrade their strap-on adventures. This combo has been curated with intense, mutual pleasure in mind. 
The Strap-On-Me Vibe is the best on the market. It has a bendable insertable base so that it may be comfortably worn by the wearer and has the option of internal vibrations in both the wearable insert and the shaft. Upgrade to the Strap-On-Me Multi-Orgasm device, and the stimulating action is triple, with a clit-licking, vibration technology included for the wearer. 
The Dame Aer is designed to mimic oral stimulation creating subtle to intense sensations in the clitoris with its advanced suction and pulse technology. The Dame Aer is the perfect tool for the penetration recipient to use on themselves to increase and balance sensations. The device’s light, ergonomic build makes for super easy use amidst distractions. Other options include the LELO Sila Cruise, the Womanizer Liberty, or for a clit-licking sensation instead, the Fun Factory Volta or one of the In Bloom Tulipa Vibes (sold in store). 
Together, these products will ensure both partners are mutually satisfied and introduces new opportunities for connectivity and intimacy through experiencing orgasmic sensations together. 

4. WeVibe Vector+ x Verge 

The following is a recommendation for AMAB couples looking to experience dual-sensations during penetrative sex. 
The WeVibe Vector+ was engineered in collaboration with leading clinical sexologists to precisely stimulate the prostate and the perineum simultaneously. It may be comfortably worn on its own OR by the giver during penetrative sex as it doesn’t impact the penis. 
Meanwhile, the Verge is worn around the shaft of the penis and rests up against the perineum for dual vibrating stimulation that way.  This may be worn on its own OR by the receiver during penetrative sex. 
Both of these products are designed by WeVibe and have the ability to be controlled via app. If manipulating your partner’s sensations is a bonus for you, this feature is sure to bring an extra layer of fun into the bedroom (or wherever you are, we don’t judge)
Alternatively, for individuals who may be too quickly overwhelmed by the sensations of the Vector+, we recommend instead, the B-Vibe Snug & Tug which may be worn internally with the option of several vibration modes, while also including a snug penis ring which will encourage a firmer, longer lasting erection. 


We encourage you and yours to browse our website and get creative with your own product combos. The ingenuity of sex toys are helping the nature of sexual expression to evolve and expand. Here at Vespertine, we believe that being allowed to experience pleasure is a human right that is worth fighting for. Wherever you are on your journey of discovery and gratification, we have your back.
- The Vesperteam