Vespertine Boutique is a natural progression of the founder, Jaime’s, connectivity, as well as her desire to support women’s physical and mental wellness.

Jaime had been contemplating the concept of Vespertine Boutique in parts and pieces, but upon her return to Port Townsend, it started to take shape. The concept had come in the form of distinct life experiences -  the trauma her body encountered in childbirth; the subtle, yet significant shifts in her personal relationships; and ultimately, it had come in the form of her own journey into the second half of womanhood. Each of these experiences led Jaime to the same question: why wasn’t there a single source, store or website, available to guide women through these monumental moments in life? And the challenges she was facing were only a few of what many women and non-binary people are faced with throughout their lifetime.

Jaime, a brand marketer by trade, began doing market research during the pandemic, asking the questions one asks when building a business. She leaned into her network of female leaders and confidants, each of these women provided her the sounding board and insight to shape Vespertine Boutique. As she continued to develop and refine the concept of Vespertine, she discovered a beautiful framework of pleasure, therapy, and health brands that are designed by women and rooted in science and innovation. Jaime felt a responsibility to share this knowledge, her experience, and to create a single source of information and products to meet the feminine wellness needs of her customers.

Welcome to Vespertine Boutique


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