Big Activity Book for Divorced People

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A sharp and hilarious collection covering everything from alimony to the division of propertybecause laughter is cheaper than therapy

Divorce is the worst. Its also really, really common. When marriage was invented, people did not typically live past age thirty, which made till death do us part more doable. Part journal, part coloring book, part hilarious and on-point advice on how to move on, The Big Activity Book for Divorced People is an outlet for anyone who wants to laugh through the pain. After all, change can be pretty great (see: evolution).

Activities include:

  • the all-time greatest celebrity divorce disasters
  • match the song you can never, ever listen to again to its singer
  • see how many words you can make out of the phrase Irreconcilable Differences?
  • statistics to make you feel better when youre lying awake at night
  • word search: things that are best enjoyed alone
  • maze: Get through the dating apps without crying!

Whether your divorce was mutual and amicable (in which case, congratulations: You are a unicorn) or full-on Henry VIII (in which case: Oh, dear), Jordan Reid and Erin Williams are here to tell you that you are not aloneand to remind you that youre still you, and you still have your sense of humorright? Right!

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