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The iroha mai's HapticWAVE Technology creates dynamic vibrations from sound waves/music. However, that does not mean the iroha mai is noisy, it is in fact one of the quietest iroha items. The iroha mai is the first of its kind in the iroha series to use HapticWAVE technology, converting low-frequency (40-70 Hz) sound waves into vibrations with haptic technology*. This technology allows our vibrations to be much more dynamic and all-encompassing.

*Haptic technology is often used in smartphones, game controllers, etc., for tactile feedback through vibration.

10 Sound-Based Patterns

iroha mai's HapticWAVE Technology allows us to create 10 unique vibration patterns based on sounds and rhythms from every day life. Users can experience more dynamic vibrations, and can feel these vibration throughout their bodies to find pleasure that truly resonates with themselves.

Easy to Use 2 Button Controls

Not only does the iroha mai have 10 different vibration patterns, but each pattern also has 3 different strengths. You can easily switch and adjust the different patterns and strengths with our 2 button controls.

It's Waterproof!

The iroha mai is fully waterproof, so you can use it in the bath or the shower, whichever you prefer more! Of course, the iroha mai also features our classic Anti-Dust Coating. Both features allow you to store and clean the iroha mai easily.

A Charging Case that's also a Stand

Every iroha mai comes with its own charging case, allowing the users to properly store their iroha mai and keep it clean when not used. Also, storing the device in its proper case can help prolong the lifespan of the item. The base of the charging case also doubles as a stand as shown in the image above.

Insertable Pleasure

The iroha mai series was designed for insertable pleasure. Up until now, iroha hasn't had many G-Spot focused products, thus, the iroha mai was born. This product is specifically for users that are experienced, or looking for something unique to add to their collection.

The sleek structure and bend in the middle of the item allows users to easily reach sensitive areas. The special design plus the HapticWAVE technology will allow you to pinpoint the pleasure, and also feel much deeper vibrations than traditional motors. The iroha mai is a great addition for those who are looking for a whole new pleasure experience, or for those who want to add a unique vibrator in their collection.

More About Iroha Mai TOKI

Iroha Mai TOKI, by TENGA is available to order online, and for in-store pickup at our shop in Port Townsend, WA.

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