January 07, 2022

Dear Vespertine #5 - New Beginnings

By Danielle Ferguson
Dear Vespertine #5 - New Beginnings

Dear New Beginnings,

Reconnecting to sexuality after a significant life change such as cancer, that changes the way we know our bodies, takes time for many people. Mentally and emotionally, there is so much at play here. We always support the choice to seek professional help, including sex therapy. Re-exploring sex after trauma can feel intimidating but it doesn’t have to be and a sex therapist can help you navigate through the emotional and physical challenges you may be experiencing. 

Physically there may be a change in appearance and even sensation. We carry products that can alleviate dryness as well as pelvic floor therapy tools if your doctor/OBGYN has recommended them. There may also be complex emotions connected to the visible scars left by a mastectomy and these intricate feelings can affect self-confidence and body image. We carry some beautiful and luxurious robes, tops, and lingerie that may help you feel sexy and we do offer personal shopping by appointment if you would feel more confident having the shop to yourself with 1:1 attention from our staff.

Remember that while your appearance may have changed and that your body probably feels different than before, your partner loves you through all phases of life and wants to reconnect and get to know the new (incredibly brave) person you are. 


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*This series is designed to entertain and inform - not provide medical advice. You should always consult your doctor when it comes to your physical health.

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