Dear Vespertine

  • Dear Vespertine #5 - New Beginnings

    Dear Vespertine #5 - New Beginnings

    Reconnecting to sexuality after a significant life change such as cancer, that changes the way we know our bodies, takes time for many people. Mentally and emotionally, there is so much at play here. We always support the choice to seek professional help, including sex therapy. Re-exploring sex after trauma can feel intimidating but it doesn’t have to be and a sex therapist can help you navigate through the emotional and physical challenges you may be experiencing. 

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  • Dear Vespertine #4 - Curious Couple

    Dear Vespertine #4 - Curious Couple
    At Vespertine we work hard to curate quality products that promote deeper relationships through fun physical connections. We are so inspired by the latest innovation in couples intimacy devices. We choose items with different features to support a range of preferences & body types. We also seek out products in a range of price points to make our high quality toys accessible to anyone on a budget or less of an investment if you want to try something for the first time.
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  • Dear Vespertine #3 - Lost at C

    Dear Vespertine #3 - Lost at C
    The first thing we want to say is that this is a complicated question to answer without knowing all of the potential variables. What you are experiencing is rarely linked to a C-section complication, however, ruling out any physical component with an exam by an OBGYN or Pelvic Floor Therapist is advised, first and foremost. 
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  • Dear Vespertine is now LIVE!

    Dear Vespertine is now LIVE!

    We have been humbled to receive so many amazing and vulnerable questions about the boutique, our mission and all things intimate. For some, it takes a lot of courage to ask these important questions that effect us so deeply.

    This is why we have birthed "Dear Vespertine" where you can anonymously ask a burning question and we promise to curate the best answer, utilizing our wellness network and fantastic "Vesper"team! Your question, if selected, will be published bi-weekly in the Port Townsend Leader and on

    So don't be shy! We truly want to hear from you.

    Submit your question to

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