November 30, 2021

Dear Vespertine #3 - Lost at C

By Danielle Ferguson
Dear Vespertine #3 - Lost at C

Dear Lost at C, 

The first thing we want to say is that this is a complicated question to answer without knowing all of the potential variables. What you are experiencing is rarely linked to a C-section complication, however, ruling out any physical component with an exam by an OBGYN or Pelvic Floor Therapist is advised, first and foremost. 

"There is a medical possibility that tissue disruption or scarring from a C-section could contribute to altered function or sensation of the pelvic floor, and thus ability to orgasm. Given this person is able to achieve arousal and climax via masturbation, I would agree that there is also the possibility of a mental component. Assessing and treating both the physical and mental is essential for overall health and wellness". -Caitlin Daly (she/her), Pelvic Floor Therapist. 

At the same time as your first C-section, you also became a mom! Having little ones is enough to put many aspects of intimacy in a time-out. We recommend a wonderful book from our store, the Ultimate Guide to Sex Through Pregnancy & Motherhood to help trouble shoot the mental and physical hurdles that just take time to adjust too. Everyone recovers at their own pace, so make sure you are not putting too much pressure on yourself.  



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