• Dr. Melinda Bower, ND

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    Dr Melinda Bower is a naturopathic doctor working in Port Townsend. She works at Jefferson County Public Health with adults, with teens in Chimacum and Quilcene High Schools, and has a private practice.
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  • Amy Irene Lynch, PT

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    Amy Irene discovered a vast need for women’s health and pelvic health specific rehabilitation services and worked to develop specialized programs and services.
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  • Prosper Natural Health

    Prosper natural health services list
    Individualized holistic whole-body healthcare solutions, from a team-care approach to Naturopathic primary care, apothecary, acupuncture, and skilled massage practitioners.
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  • Caitlin Daly PT, DPT

    Caitlin Daly PT, DPT
    People should be able to perform household, work, social, and recreational activities without pain or problems. Utilizing a whole-body approach to physical therapy
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